This premium gourmet coffee is organically grown in the Chanchamayo Valley, high up in the Andes at over 1350m. Because the beans are shade-grown, the flavours in the cup are more expressive due to slower growing time.


The profile of this coffee is smooth and sweet with bright acidity.


The flavours that emerge are milk chocolate and nuts, coupled with citrus and vanilla.

Peru Chanchamayo

VAT Included
  • Peru’s finest premium, organically grown, gourmet coffee, Chanchamayo is smooth, sweet, well-balanced, with nutty and chocolate tones.


    This Peruvian coffee comes from the centrally located in the Chanchamayo Valley, one of the country's major growing regions. This area produces 40% of the country's total crop.  The farms belong to small producers with less than two hectares of land. This coffee is shade-grown at high altitudes in order to produce a denser bean and a more complex cup characteristic as a result of its slow maturation process. In addition, the producers have made a remarkable effort to produce a high quality bean by only using sustainable farming practices.

    • SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude above 1350 meters.