Jura Coffee Machines

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The perfect cup of coffee for the workplace!!
JURA coffee machines are the optimum choice for speciality coffees and we have a range to meet your needs whether your employees/ customers consume10 or 200 cups per day.
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Recommended maximum daily output: up to 30 cups.

"plug and enjoy" coffee machines that enable people to enjoy their favourite beverage with style in the workplace. Their greatest strengths are flexibility, aesthetics and simplicity and the enlarged capacity of the bean container, water tank and coffee grounds container.

From £1,400.40 including vat

MM Xline.png

Stylish, sturdy , practical and reliable, the professional X line from JURA is perfect for open-plan offices, self-service areas and catering. In addition to flexibility, simplicity and high capacity, it offers reliable and intuitive operation. The X line can be flexibly combined with various accessories, making it the ideal basis for tailor-made complete coffee solutions.

Recommended maximum daily output: up to 80 cups

From £2680.56 including vat

Giga 3X/8X
MM big_giga_x8_gen2.jpg

The concentrated power of up to two grinders, two pumps and two parallel fluid systems, as well as user-friendliness and premium quality, makes for unique performance. Discover the world of the GIGA X line, where the enjoyment of coffee is redefined.

Recommended maximum daily output: up to 200 cups

From £4,298.40 including vat

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