This unique coffee was created in the 16th century, when it was used as ballast in the holds of sailing ships. The conditions created from being  surrounded by wood and the brine of the sea gave the coffee a distinct flavour. Sailors also used the colour of the beans as a guide to how long they had been at sea.


Today, the beans are monsooned and held underground for 2-7 years to replicate the smoky, spicy profile.


With a medium-full roast, the flavours that emerge are smoked oak, vanilla and dark chocolate coupled with a hint of liquorice.

Old Brown Java

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  • Old Brown Java was traditionally used as ballast on sailing ships where the sea water gave the coffee a distinct flavour. 
    Its mild acidity, heavy-bodied taste and sweetness is still attained through a weathering process and it takes at least two years to become 'Old Brown Java'. Ours is a Medium-Full roasted coffee, weathered over 5 years.. 

    Strong with smoky, oak, vanilla, and liquorice. Not a bedtime drink! Try it black with a spoonful of demerara sugar.