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Our Morningstar™️ coffee is our brand new unique and devilishly roasted coffee that is named after Venus, the "star" which shines so brightly that it is often the last "star" we see in the morning, next to the Sun before it disappears with the dawn of a new day.


Morningstar™️ is a perfect breakfast coffee with a biscuity flavour and high caffeine content to kickstart your morning. 


The Morningstar™️ shines brightest using a cafetiere, filter or the pour-over method. 


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Have you tried your coffee with a biscuit or shortbread from The Northumbrian Bakehouse? We think our Morninstar goes great with an Oatie Crunch biscuit from the Bakehouse. You can find the full range here- The Northumbrian Bakehouse.