Huehuetenango means ‘Place of the Ancients’ in Nahuatl, and is pronounced way-way-tenango. The Aztecan ruins of Zaculeu lead the way to coffee farms placed within the Cuchumatanes Mountains.


The microclimate produced at this high altitude, over 1,600m, and limestone soil gives this premium coffee a unique fruity taste and juicy acidity.

The flavours that emerge with a light medium roast are buttery caramel and orange coupled with a touch of chocolate and almond.

Guatemala Huehuetenango

VAT Included
  • This Light-Medium coffee has a sweet floral aroma with a delicate fruity taste.
    An excellent, light and refreshing coffee grown in the highland regions of northern Guatemala at between 1600 and 1700 masl. 
    Our light-medium roast brings forward the soft, sweet taste. 

    An easy-drinking, mild coffee with a sweet aroma and subtle buttery,
     caramel flavours.