Roaster's Choice - A monthly delivery of freshly roasted coffee carefully selected from our Northumberland roastery. We aim to give a taste of our full range, so our 'roaster's choice' will include 1 pack of Mocha Mondo Gold each month and 2 other different origin coffees, each month. We will aim to include as many different origin coffees as possible over the selected subscription period. If you want to take 'Roaster's choice' , but perhaps you only want medium roast coffee, you can use the 'Notes for Roaster' text box to advise us of this.

Own Choice - A monthly delivery of 3 freshly roasted coffees of your choice. The coffees must be the same for the full subscription period and this option excludes the Exceptional Range. You can use the text box under the selection menus to provide your choices. Our full range of coffee can be found on the 'coffee shop' page.

Coffee Subscription - From £60* (includes monthly shipping)

Type of Coffee (see 'coffee shop' page if unsure)
Coffee Selection (see under image for description)
Which subscription? (3 or 6 months, 2 or 3 bags)
  • Choose from a 3 or 6 month subscription, of 3 x 228g packs of coffee each month. Take a 'roasters choice' or for 'Your Choice' use the text box to tell us the coffee(s) you'd like (must be the same for each month). Excludes Exceptional Range.

    A monthly delivery of freshly roasted coffee beans carefully selected from our Northumberland roastery or if the recipient would like to select specific coffee instead (must be the same each month), this option is also available. We deliver 3 packs per month for 3 or 6 months. We aim to give a taste of our full range, so our 'roaster's selection' will include as many different origin coffee beans as possible over the selected subscription period including our Exceptional Range.

    If you are redeeming your 'gift subscription', please check the subscription that has been purchased for you - it will be detailed on your gift subscription voucher. You simply make your selections from the options above and use your 'coupon code' given on the voucher, at the shopping cart. You can increase the subscription if you wish (from 3 to 6 months), the difference will simply be charged at the check out.

2018 Mocha Mondo TM 

*Free delivery does not apply to heavily discounted orders (such as B2B Taster Packs), even if the total order is over £20. 

** Free chocolate bar only while supplies last.

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