Brazillian Ipanema Yellow Bourbon.

This coffee is made from 100%Yellow Bourbon beans. Medium roasted, they produce a deep smooth caramel and Irish cream flavour. A superb coffee for luxury cappuccinos and lattes.

A quality gourmet coffee from the Ipanema estate in Brazil. Located in the middle of the Mantiqueira mountain range, the Fazenda Rio Verde estate is a true natural sanctuary, where coffee occupies just over 40% of the total area. Fazenda Rio Verde has the most rugged terrain amongst the three farms that Ipanema Coffee own. Ranging from 800 to 1,350 metres (2,600 to 4,400 feet) in altitude, almost all of the farm's harvest operations must be conducted by hand due to the topography of the land. The varieties of coffee bean produced at Fazenda Rio Verde range from Acaia, Mundo Novo, Red Rubi as well as the exceptional Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai and Yellow Icatu.The soil is predominantly clay on a red mineral volcanic base, rich in decompostible material. On the mountain slopes, the diversity of vegetation has given these soils an unequalled richness in terms of nutrients and organic material. 

Brazilian Ipanema Yellow Bourbon

Type of Coffee
  • A quality gourmet coffee from the Ipanema estate in Brazil. This coffee is made from 100% Yellow Bourbon beans. Medium roasted they produce a deep, smooth caramel and irish cream flavour. Superb for luxury cappuccinos and lattes.

2018 Mocha Mondo TM 

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