Wholesale Partner Ordering

We have set up bespoke ordering pages for each of our wholesale business partners to make ordering as simple as possible. Please click on the relevant link below to go to your page (you will need your password handy to access your page).

Alnmouth Station

Lesbury Post Office


No. 6 Druridge Bay 1

B2B Customers

(Holiday lets, B&Bs, etc)

Other Local Delivery / Collection

Bari Tea Brewery


Coquet Yacht Club

Office Filter Coffee 'top ups'

Other Couriered Delivery

Crawford House 

Crawford House NE logo.jpg

The Galley

the Galley logo.jpg

Lindsay's of Northumberland 


2018 Mocha Mondo TM 

*Free delivery does not apply to heavily discounted orders (such as B2B Taster Packs), even if the total order is over £20. 

** Free chocolate bar only while supplies last.

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