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Coffee Workshops / Courses

We love roasting and talking about coffee so we also run coffee roasting workshops at our facility on the enterprise park.

There are 3 courses available as we aim to cover all requirements from personal interest in coffee, hands-on roasting experience, through to full training and advice for potential Baristas / Cafe owners.

Available starting June 18, 2022

Our 'Leisure' coffee workshop lasts around 3hrs and is designed to help coffee enthusiasts get the best from their coffee at home. It is perfect for anyone interested in coffee who wants to learn a bit more about everything from origins through to hands on roasting experience, and making the perfect cup of coffee! This workshop can be run on an individual basis but best for 2 together. The cost of the workshop is £80 per person and the courses will run on Saturdays at 1pm. 

We aim to keep the numbers at a maximum of 3 individuals so that we can pitch the session accordingly and focus on areas of interest. The structure of the course is outlined below but it is hoped you will have plenty of questions and discussions that will determine the time spent on the different aspects.

The workshop will cover an explanation of the roasting process which will include bean origin, freshness, storage, handling, and temperature/timings. There will then be a chance to get hands on and roast your own beans to take away at the end of the session. The workshop also covers grinding and making a delicious cup of coffee - barista style!! You will learn about the different grinds, water quality, the different coffee drinks, and coffee making equipment. There will be practical training to make a coffee using an espresso machine where you will grind, compact, pour a shot (or two), froth the milk, pour and finally taste your perfect cup of coffee. 

Coffee and a flapjack are included and as well as your own pack of roasted beans (or ground if you prefer), to take away, there will be handouts to remind you of the key points from the workshop.

Our 'Intermediate/Commercial' course is suited to someone wanting to raise their existing knowledge of coffee, perhaps to help them in a Barista job.

It is a 1.5hr one to one session with hands on learning.  The cost is £50/person.

Our 'Advanced' course is aimed at someone (or a partnership), wanting to open a takeaway coffee or small cafe business. It is a minimum 3hr initial session with on-going consultancy / advice in return for serving Mocha Mondo Coffee. Prices depend upon your requirements.

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