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At Mocha Mondo, we provide great quality coffee.  To ensure you get the freshest beans, we always roast to order.  Our single origin coffees are carefully sourced from around the world to provide a good choice for all tastes. Our coffee packs come in 228g, 454g & 1Kg sizes, plus we offer taster packs (70g ground for cafetière).

Since 2010, Mocha Mondo has been serving seriously good coffee to the good folk of Northumberland. Starting out at Alnmouth railway station, Mocha Mondo fueled the early morning commuters and thirsty rail travellers passing through Alnmouth station with superb coffee. The coffee was great and loved by many but Mocha Mondo strived for more! So in 2013, Mocha Mondo became a limited company and started roasting it's own beans to deliver those perfect cups of coffee.

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 The coffee business was thriving. However, Mocha Mondo wanted to get more great coffee to the people and visitors to Northumberland...  Seizing on a fantastic opportunity, it moved the takeaway coffee and roastery business to a 'pod' at Amble Harbour Village. 


Mocha Mondo then further expanded into mail order in July 2017! This expansion of the business has included the opening of a new purpose-built roasting facility at Coquet Enterprise Park, Amble, and Mocha Mondo now has a team of 8 working to serve seriously good coffee, and we are excited about our continued growth and innovations. 


Our Commitment to Reducing our Environmental Impact

We are often asked about the environmental impact of our business and particularly the take away element where there is considerable waste. Well the simple answer is that we are doing all we can to reduce any negative environmental impact.

We are proud to say that we have minimal plastic waste but are still striving to reduce the plastic in the packaging element of the business (both in suppliers' products and our own packaging.

Below is a list of the items where we have been able to change to reduce plastic usage and most recently, we have moved to fully compostable paper cups.

Straws: We have oxo-biodegradeable straws, which means it will degrade and biodegrade in the open environment

Cup Lids: Our cup lids are PLA (polylactic acid - made from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots and sugarcane)

'Plastic' Cups: Our 'plastic' cups are made from CPLA - a proprietary combination of PLA, chalk and other biodegradable additives.

Paper Cups: Made from compostable materials

Wooden Stirrers: From sustainable forest sources

Office Coffee Machine Filters: Organic and unbleached

Office Coffee Sachets: Fully compostable

We are always happy to serve our customer's drinks in their own reusable cups, and will top up waterbottles for free. Our water is reverse-osmosis processed, which means it has no limescale or chlorine, and tastes amazing.

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