May News

We are excited to reveal that our Spotlight coffee for May is our Monsooned Malabar. 


Our sister company Northumberland Fudge is ridiculously jubilicious working on a delectable fudge flavour the befits our esteemed Queen for her Platinum Jubilee celebration. 


The big news for this month is the success of the Aillio Bullet Roaster. We have had more sales than we expected and a few people who know  a thing or two about the coffee industry have visited the roastery in Amble, tried the roaster, and popped one in the boot to take away with them. We are supplying roasters to coffee training academies too, so even more people are able to access professional coffee roasting and start their own micro roasteries.


Just lately, there has been a lot of ‘press’ (see what we did?) about Aeropress! They make two main products, the Aeropress and the Aeropress ‘Go’ versions. Both are great and they really do make a difference to the taste. We also stock a neat device which replaces the filter holder, enabling the Aeropress to produce an espresso coffee! Take a look, hopefully you will be as impressed as we were. Oh, and one great thing is that we are selling them cheaper than Amazon!


We are currently booking up quickly for Summer 2022 with wedding favour requests. If you think fudge would make a great addition to your wedding, send us an email!

We now stock Bari Tea's entire retail and wholesale range - pop in and check it out! Have you tried the Blooming Teas yet? Don't miss out!!

We are always on the lookout for new partnerships and collaborations so if you have any ideas or things you think we should look into, let us know!


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Monsooned Malabar 

The secret to the incredible, unique profile of this Indian coffee is the prolonged exposure to the steamy monsoon winds and rain from June until September each year. Being exposed to the elements increases the coffee bean to double its original size, turns the bean to a beautiful pale yellow colour and gives each cup made at home an exotic taste experience!

Monsooned Malabar_May.jpg
Image by Sukanya Basu

This distinct single origin coffee comes from the Western Malabar Coast in India. The bright green beans are exposed to monsoon winds from the Arabian Sea from June until September. This process replicates the conditions the beans went through whilst being shipped by boat in the past.The beans double in size, become a lovely, pale gold colour and have a mellow acidity profile. With a medium-dark roast, a bold, spicy and smoky flavour emerges with hints of cloves, tobacco, chocolate, nuts, and cedar.

NEW! Sumatra Queen Ketiara

The Ketiara co-op is led by a charismatic woman named Ibu Rahmah.  She helped found Ketiara in 2009 with just 38 members and currently serves as the co-op’s chairperson. In the years since, the co-op membership has expanded to nearly 2,000 smallholder farmers, over 50% of them being women. This coffee celebrates the promotion and innovation of women in the coffee industry in Sumatra and the dedication of the Ketiara Cooperative in their efforts to protect their local ecosystem. The ‘Queen’ designation means that a percentage of the proceeds goes back into funding programs that benefit women in Indonesia. 

This very special coffee is organically grown by the women of the Ketiara Co-op in the Gayo highland region of Northern Sumatra. Due to being shade grown in the volcanic soil of the tropical forests of Leuser National Park, each cup brings a brilliant splash of acidity perfectly merged with a creamy body, sweet fruit tones and a richly rounded aftertaste. The flavours that emerge with a full roast are toasted hazelnuts, vanilla and milk chocolate coupled with tangerine and cloves.


OFFICAL Distributor of Fracino Espresso Machines 

We are thrilled to announce that we are now an authorized distributor for Fracino! We have a range of Espresso coffee machines to suit every need, domestic or commercial. Financing Available. T&Cs apply.

Fracino Commercial Client Welcome Sale - Half Price Coffee for Life (T&Cs apply)

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