This premium single origin coffee comes from the Sierra Maestra Mountains in the south-west of Cuba. Being grown on the high slopes of Pico Turquino (highest peak in Cuba) and using 
natural techniques of washing and drying the beans using a wood-burning stove creates a magical profile of low acidity with a long smoky finish. The flavours that emerge with a full roast are dark currants, walnuts and cacao coupled with caramel and smoky tobacco.

Serrano Lavada

Type of Coffee (see 'coffee shop' page if unsure)
  • Hola ven a bailar con nosotros! Means come along and dance with us! Bring your coffee and enjoy the flavours of Cuba!

    MM comment: Short and black, or with milk or cream added, this coffee gives me the idea of a late night Cuban jazz club!

2018 Mocha Mondo TM 

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