Organic Range

Type of Coffee
  • We at Mocha Mondo always aim to be ethically responsible in our sourcing and general business activities but we have 2 delicious coffees that are grown Organically! Organic Coffee means that the coffee beans are grown without chemical pesticides, using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Our 1st organic coffee is Honduras Villanueva - This innovative, organic co-op uses profits to provide investment in the community through micro-loans, education, agricultural assistance, and is also increasing the role of women within their organisation.. Our 2nd organic coffee is Peruvian Chanchamayo - the producers of these beans have made a remarkable effort to produce a high quality bean by only using sustainable farming practices.

2018 Mocha Mondo TM 

*Free delivery does not apply to heavily discounted orders (such as B2B Taster Packs), even if the total order is over £20. 

** Free chocolate bar only while supplies last.

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