These taster packs are to help us promote our coffee by giving people the opportunity to taste it. They are only available at this price to local holiday lets/B&Bs who promote our coffee to their visitors/guests. We would ask that packs are ideally used within 2 weeks of purchase but not kept longer than 4 weeks as the freshness of the coffee will start to be lost and not best represent our coffee. We are always happy to swap out any taster packs that are past their best before date but please only order the relevant number of taster packs you think you'll use within 4 weeks.

NLandArms B&B Taster Packs

  • 70g taster packs for our local B&B businesses / Holiday Let Businesses. 

    Select the number of taster packs you require, pay 'offline' (bank transfer or cash at Pod), and collect your order from our Unit (6D) on Coquet Enterprise Park, Amble.

2018 Mocha Mondo TM 

*Free delivery does not apply to heavily discounted orders (such as B2B Taster Packs), even if the total order is over £20. 

** Free chocolate bar only while supplies last.

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