We use real Mocha Mondo Coffee espresso shots to add to our Mocha bars, allowing us to break from tradition and create a truly unique recipe, specially developed by our artisan fudge making team. We use creamy buttery vanilla caramel and chocolate fudge to create this interpretation of a mocha coffee, we even added an extra swirl, just for the fun of it! 

As it is made with real coffee It does contain caffeine (coffee essence doesn’t) and there is just under half a shot of espresso in every 100g bar. How good is that!


£3.20 for 100g box.

Mocha Swirl Fudge

  • sugar, sustainable palm & palm kernel oils, butter (milk), glucose syrup, chocolate(contains soya lecithin), skimmed milk, cream (milk), preservative E202, Mocha Mondo Coffee,*contains minimum 51% cocoa solids.

2018 Mocha Mondo TM 

*Free delivery does not apply to heavily discounted orders (such as B2B Taster Packs), even if the total order is over £20. 

** Free chocolate bar only while supplies last.

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