Picture yourself on a fresh morning in the great Kenyan outdoors, gazing toward the glorious Kenyan mountainside. Breath in the mouth-watering aromas of forest-fruits. Take your time and enjoy the magnificent bright, rich, strong flavours of this superb AA grade coffee.


Growing Altitude: 1,700 – 1,800 meters                                                                                          

Variety: Arabica                    

Harvest Period: November – December

Milling Process: Fully Washed, Sun Dried on Raised Beds 


This exceptional AA single origin is graded as one of the World's Best Coffees and it doesn't take long to see why! Growing on the high slopes of Mt. Kenya's red volcanic soil gives this superb coffee an intense profile of vibrant acidity balanced with a rich sweetness derived from cane sugar. The flavours that emerge with a medium-full roast are red wine, nutty cocoa and caramel coupled with a touch of grapefruit and blackcurrant.

Kenya Nyeri Estate

  • From the heartland of coffee growing in Kenya, Nyeri, comes this superior Kenyan AA coffee. Kenyan AA is one of the world’s highest grades of coffee and as such this sumptuous, bright coffee is a fine example of these superior beans. 

    This coffee is not described as ‘organic’ but most coffee from Kenya is not. The coffee industry in Kenya is one of the better regulated, with high quality standards that do well without Fair Trade or Organic certifications.

    A medium roast allows the natural brightness of this truly magnificent single origin coffee to shine through. Grown at high elevations on mountainsides of Kenya the Jungle Estate coffee gives a rich, strong flavour and lovely aroma of forest-fruits.

    Smooth and bright with a long-finish, this delightful coffee is a treat for the tastebuds!