This premium coffee comes from a co-op of organic farmers in the La Paz region. The co-op uses their profits to provide micro loans, agricultural assistance, industry education, and increasing roles for women within their organisation. Due to being organically grown at a high altitude within La Paz’s microclimate, these beans have a balanced profile with low acidity and a lovely, syrupy texture. The flavours that emerge with a medium-full roast are cacao nibs and caramel coupled with hints of orange zest

Honduras Villanueva (organically grown)

  • This medium-full roast coffee is from a co-op of organic farmers.

    At 1300 to 1700 masl, Bourbon, Typica, Catuai and Caturra 
    varieties are grown. 
    Creates tasting notes of cacao nibs, and syrupy caramel. The bitterness emerges in espresso, the caramel comes to the fore in milk coffees.