This premium washed single origin coffee comes from the Oromia Forest, where the  plants are shade-grown slowly in bright red soil.


Being grown at a high altitude of over 1800m gives this bean a smooth, nutty profile with low acidity and a sharp, winey edge.


The flavours that emerge with a medium-dark roast are milk chocolate, nuts, toffee and white grape.

Perfect for after dinner, either black, or with a little milk.

Ethiopian Limu

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  • Ethiopia is the original home of coffee. Coffee trees have grown in the wild here for centuries and the environment is perfect to continue producing amazing coffee, without adding anything to it. More than a thousand different varietals of the coffee bean grow in Ethiopia and most is processed naturally. High elevations in the southern mountainous region make for excellent growing conditions. 

    Ethiopia (formerly known as Abyssinia) is said to be the birthplace of coffee. Ancient Ethiopian history claims that an Ethiopian goat herder, Kaldi, first discovered coffee and it’s magical benefits way back around 850 AD. Legend has it that he discovered his goats eating the coffee fruit off of the trees and dancing wildly.

    When Kaldi presented their benefits to a monk, he threw them in the fire proclaiming this magic effect was the work of the devil. Of course, the beans began to roast and the whole room was filled with the fragrance of fresh roasted coffee.

    The first signs of brewing coffee as a beverage, however, are from after another 50 years. 
    The original name for coffee, Kaffa, came from the region in southwest Ethiopia where coffee was first discovered in the wild. Unlike almost every other coffee growing country, coffee trees grow naturally here.

    Ethiopian Limu Coffee Farming

    Limu coffee is grown at elevations ranging from 3,600 to 6,200 feet in southwest/southcentral Ethiopia producing medium-sized coffee beans with a distinctive roundish shape and green color. Limu is a washed coffee.

    Many specialty roasters consider washed Limu coffee from Ethiopia to be a premium gourmet coffee.