This exceptional single origin coffee is organically grown in the Jarabacoa mountains, located within the La Vega Province.


Because this area has temperatures of spring weather all year round, the beans develop a smooth, balanced profile of  low acidity and a smoky intensity.


The flavours that emerge with a medium-dark roast are chocolate, tobacco and liquorice coupled with macadamia nuts and almonds. 

Dominican Republic Jarabacoa

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  • From the stunning mountainous regions of The Dominican Republic, this organically grown and hand-picked Arabica coffee bean is a similarly impressive product of this beautiful Island. 

    Situated in the Caribbean with it’s decidedly tropical climate, The Dominican Republic is home to numerous national parks with an impressive range of flora and fauna – Described by Colombus in 1492 as “the most beautiful place that human eyes have seen”.

    The coffee farmers in Jarabacoa are committed to maintaining a clean atmosphere through reforestation programs and also contribute to children’s education in the city of Jarabacoa by sponsoring school’s programs.

    A medium-full roast delivers a delicious smooth and nutty taste with hints of cocoa. Floral aromas and a winey aftertaste complete this tantalising tango for your tastebuds!